Year 2 2023-2024

DT Showcase

This term in DT we learnt about moving mechanisms. We linked the purpose and audience to our Science topic - Minibeasts. Our task was to create a moving caterpillar for our science microhabitat display.


First we learnt about linkages and pivots and how objects move in different ways. We then worked in pairs to design a caterpillar. After we created our caterpillars using cardboard, split pins and crayons. We really enjoyed making these and showing them on assembly at our DT showcase

Work Week - Beginning 5th February

This week our school held a St Albans Work Week. This gave children the opportunity to learn about different careers in different fields. In year 2 we were lucky to have the opportunity the visit the Soho Fire Station! 


At the station the fire fighters told us about their job and what it takes to be a firefighter. We learnt that they do A LOT more than putting out fires! They showed us all the different tools on board a fire truck. We learnt that there are 2 types of hoses; big and small. 


We loved getting a chance to hop in the front seat of the truck and try on their uniform!


Thank-you Soho Fire Station!

In Year 2 this week we look at our artist in focus, Romare Bearden. He was an American artist, author and songwriter. He was best known for his collage work, which he used in unique and innovative ways that were inspired by his love of jazz and blues. We look at his two famous collage pieces 'The block' - 1971 and 'Three Folk Musicians' - 1952. We really liked how included instruments in his collage and were inspired to make our own inspire collage.


We first has to create different textures on paper, using different colours, materials and shapes. Once we had our different textures we planned with our partners how we would collage them onto our sheet. We really enjoyed this day as we got to overlap textures and fabrics. Some of us wanted to include materials to create a 'stage' in our collage.


We really enjoy creating our collages inspired by Romare Bearden!

Artist in Focus - Romare Bearden

Maths in Year 2 - Making two-digit Numbers