Year 2 2023-2024

In Year 2, we have welcomed chicks!! We are so grateful to have watched them hatch into baby chicks. We watched them each day, keeping an eye on the temperature to make sure their environment is perfect for hatching.


They all hatched and now we take on the shared responsibility to look after them everyday. We came together to think about what that means... 


In the mornings some of us are on 'clean-up duty'. This is done first thing in the morning. We take the chicks out carefully and we clean up their home. We give them new water and food. We also put down new bedding for them. This makes them very happy!


We love having the chicks in our class and we enjoy taking care of them!



In Year 2 this week we look at our artist in focus, Romare Bearden. He was an American artist, author and songwriter. He was best known for his collage work, which he used in unique and innovative ways that were inspired by his love of jazz and blues. We look at his two famous collage pieces 'The block' - 1971 and 'Three Folk Musicians' - 1952. We really liked how included instruments in his collage and were inspired to make our own inspire collage.


We first has to create different textures on paper, using different colours, materials and shapes. Once we had our different textures we planned with our partners how we would collage them onto our sheet. We really enjoyed this day as we got to overlap textures and fabrics. Some of us wanted to include materials to create a 'stage' in our collage.


We really enjoy creating our collages inspired by Romare Bearden!

Artist in Focus - Romare Bearden

Maths in Year 2 - Making two-digit Numbers