Vision, Values and Collective Worship

Vision Statement

Collective Worship at St. Alban's CE Primary School


Please see our Collective Worship policy and Spiritual Values and Collective Worship document to understand Collective Worship at St. Alban's.



Meet the Collective Worship Team!


Our Collective Worship team is made of 6 volunteers from year 6. The aim of the team is to prepare, lead and evaluate our daily worship as well as invite the school community to join in prayer.  They work closely with the Deputy Headteacher and the clergy to ensure that the delivery of worship is high quality and engages all adults. The team are also responsible for solely planning, preparing and delivering worship with the Headteacher on Monday’s during the Summer term.




- To lead the school prayer, biblical reading and setting up of Collective Worship

- To help with the running of collective worship

- To make children more engaged in collective worship

- To make collective worship more fun e.g. new songs, actions, role play

- To be the pupil voice

- To model the correct way to behave in collective worship

Collective Worship Schedule