Uniform List


All children at St Alban’s are expected to wear the correct uniform from Reception class upwards. Children in Nursery class are also permitted to wear school uniform, but this is not compulsory for Nursery children.



Currently the school sweatshirt can only be purchased through the school office. The school uniform can be purchased at http://www.mandsyourschooluniform.com/


On PE days, pupils must bring in their PE kit and change at school.

Pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery to school with the exception of a watch and small stud earrings. Pupils can wear small hair clips or bands.



School logo white polo shirt or plain white polo shirt

School logo royal blue sweatshirt OR School logo royal blue cardigan



Plain grey skirt, pinafore or trousers

Summer uniform – as above but also:

Grey knee length shorts

Blue checked summer dress


PE kit

School logo royal blue t shirt (or plain white t shirt in the meantime)

Plain grey or blue (navy or royal) shorts

Plain grey or blue (navy or royal) tracksuit bottoms (for outdoor activities)

Plimsols or plain black trainers (with no black sole)



School logo book bag

Optional School logo royal blue fleece

Optional: School logo drawstring sports bag

Optional: School logo rucksack