LDBS (London Diocesan Board for Schools)


As a church school, St Alban’s is part of the LDBS.


The London Diocesan Board for Schools champions education founded on the Christian faith and its values. It has a responsibility for the leadership, support, growth and encouragement of 156 schools spread across 18 local authorities in London, North of the Thames. It cares for 55,000 students as well as many thousands of teachers and other members of staff working in those schools.


The mission of the Church of England in London is set out in the Capital Vision 2020. Within the seven commitments in that vision, the LDBS identifies in particular with the desire:

  • To tell the story of Jesus Christ afresh for this generation and especially for the young.

  • To serve London and all her people through developing and adding to our schools.


    The LDBS ambition is two-fold: that all its schools will be valued for their excellence in education; and that there will be a place for every child wishing to go to a Church of England school.


    LDBS has faith in:

  • God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The foundation of our Faith and the life of our schools is the example of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who teaches us His way of loving service to others and how to live as citizens of God’s Kingdom.

  • Our Story – centuries of Church-sponsored education serving London’s communities, in partnership with the churches of the London Diocese, thus giving Church Schools a rightful place in 21st century education.

  • Highest Quality Education – for all young people, each created in God’s image and yet unique in potential.

  • Church of England Schools being inclusive of the communities they serve and mirroring their diversity, yet places of encounter with the Good News of the Christian Gospel.

  • Learning – that is joyful, varied and challenging, in a safe and healthy environment.

  • Preparing for the Future – by inspiring students to look at the deeper meanings and purposes of life and developing character alongside intellectual ability.


    St Alban’s has an LDBS advisor who provides ongoing support and challenge through visits to the school and monitoring activities.

    For more information about the role of the LDBS, please visit: https://www.ldbs.co.uk