Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and Punctuality


A high standard of attendance and punctuality is expected at our school


Children are expected to be in the playground ready for the bell which is rung 3 minutes before 9.00am, to indicate the start of the school day. It is not fair on your child if they are late for school, as it disrupts their learning and the learning of the other children.

Every week the attendance and punctuality figures for each class are announced in Friday worship and the classes with the highest attendance win the Attendance Bear. Classes with the fewest number of lates win the Early Bird. Figures are published each week in the school newsletter and are displayed on the parent information board.


What happens if my child is not able to attend school because of illness/holidays?

If your child is absent from school, please telephone the school office to explain the reason for the absence. Where the school does not receive notification, the office will call home to ask why the child is not in school. If no information is provided then the absence is recorded as unauthorised. The amount of absence for each child is recorded on the annual report in the summer term.


Attendance and punctuality figures are monitored regularly and, in cases where there is cause for concern (such as persistent absence or persistent lateness) the parent will be requested to meet with the Headteacher in order to work together in finding a way forward to improve the situation. In cases where there is no improvement, the school will refer to the Education Welfare Officer and may decide to proceed with a fine.


No holidays will be authorised during term time. Holidays are to be taken out of school term time. All unauthorised holidays or prolonged absence will be referred to the Education Welfare Service and parents will be subject to a fine.


Authorisation for leave during term time will only ever be given in exceptional circumstances. If a parent wishes to request exceptional leave, then they must complete a form from the school office. It is not guaranteed that a request will be authorised. If exceptional leave IS authorised and you do not return on the date given, you must understand that your child may lose their place and be taken off the school roll.