Transition - including Secondary School Transfer



Between year groups

We ensure that our children are well prepared for their next year group. 

Each year, staff meet to go through every child in their class in order to provide the smoothest transition possible.

Each year, in September, parents are invited in to a “Meet the teacher” meeting in order to find out about the year ahead, the expectations and how best to support pupil learning at home.

In EYFS, we host a Teddy Bears Picnic where children and parents have the opportunity to meet their new teachers and see their new classrooms. 


Secondary transfer - Applications for Year 7 places will open again from 1 September 2021 until the deadline of 31 October 2021

Each year a meeting is held for all parents of pupils in Year 6. This is led by the Deputy Headteacher. It is to ensure parents have all the information they need in order to complete secondary school choices, including the information from Camden admissions team.

We ensure that secondary schools have all the information they need for each pupil before they leave us. This might include visits to the new school in order to help children prepare.


If your child is joining us from another school, including pre-school education, staff will ensure the school is contacted in order to find out as much information as possible. We find that this helps to ensure your child settles quickly as we can then plan carefully for their needs.


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