Update for Parents from Headteacher regarding partial re-opening 1st June 2020.

Our school vision


Our vision is that all our pupils should grow in:

Faith in God, or be inspired by faith, and in their own ability to fulfil their potential,

Hope to be the best of examples, to work to change themselves and the world for the better, and

Love, reflecting God’s love in unselfish love for others.

May 22nd 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Re “Phased return” of some pupils

As we near the end of this half term I wanted to write to you to give you a little more information about our plans for specific year groups to be able to attend school again. I am sure that you will have heard many reports in the news about this, so I want to confirm that St Alban’s is planning to have those children from specific year groups who want to attend, back in school from 1st June 2020.


We are now in the process of finalising our school Risk Assessment (in line with Camden and Union guidance and advice) and therefore our Provision Plan, in order to welcome back pupils in the year groups Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.  Children who have been coming into school since the start of lockdown will continue with their current provision. 


As you will appreciate, safety and minimising risk as much as is possible to pupils and adults is our paramount concern.  We need to ensure that health and safety advice is strictly adhered to and an important part of this is trying to maintain the correct social distancing in school.  Based on our measurements of the classrooms compared with pupil numbers and also safety and hygiene requirements, children who come back into school will not be in school full time, but either on a four day or two day basis (explained below). 


Here are key aspects of our planning and provision for pupils who return to school:

  • Full Risk Assessment done following Camden and Union guidance – agreed with Governing Board.
  • Year groups will be taught in “bubbles” with no more than 9 pupils in each bubble.
  • If a bubble contains 9 or less children then those children will be in school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • If a bubble contains more than 9 children then those children will be in two groups.  One group will be in school Monday and Tuesday, one group will be in school Thursday and Friday.
  • The group of children who have been in school full time since lockdown began, will continue to be in school full time.
  • Your child may not be in their usual classroom.
  • Your child may not have their usual class teacher.
  • Each bubble will have their own classroom, own playground, own equipment, own time in hall for lunch, own system of regular handwashing and antibac gel throughout the day, an assigned teacher and TA(s) – these won’t change, in order to minimise cross-contamination.
  • Each bubble will have their own start and end time of the school day which will be staggered to minimise contact with others.
  • Each bubble will have their own system for moving around the school and toileting, to minimise contact with others.
  • Each pupil will have their own seating place and own plastic pack of resources.
  • Markers will be placed around the school for pupils and staff for correct social distancing.
  • Health and safety information will be displayed around school for pupils and adults.
  • Pupils and adults may wear face masks and gloves if they so wish.
  • Guidelines will be in place for social distancing of both pupils when entering and exiting school, and parents when dropping off and collecting pupils.
  • Classrooms being used by a bubble will be set up according to the 2m social distancing rule – although we will be set up for this at all times, we have a duty to inform parents that we cannot guarantee that 2m social distancing will occur at all times outside the classroom, such as in the playground – parents need to be aware of this risk.
  • There will be two days each week (Weds and Fri afternoon) which will be “deep clean” days.  This is to minimise cross-contamination between children in that particular bubble.
  • Cleaning schedule is in place for daily cleaning and deep cleaning.  Any equipment that cannot easily be cleaned regularly throughout the day, such as soft toys, will be removed from classrooms.
  • No whole school gatherings will take place.  Worship will take place in individual bubbles.
  • Protocol will be in place in case of a situation of either a pupil or adult having COVID symptoms – all other parents (if a child) will be informed if a case is reported in order to make their own decision about continuing to bring their child to school or not.
  • PPE will be in place in school for any situation involving personal care (if appropriate for some children), medical situations and if a suspected case/symptoms.
  • Parents will be asked to take their child’s temperature daily and inform school if any symptoms occur.
  • All children coming into school must wear school uniform.
  • All children coming into school must bring in their own water bottle (please let us know via the office if you will need school to provide one for your child).
  • There will be no After School Clubs or Breakfast clubs during this period of time.  The longest school day will be 9.00 – 3.30pm.

Please note: only you as parents can make the decision as to whether your child returns to school, if they are offered a place.  There are no absence penalties for parents who choose not to send their children into school.


Here is specific information for parents of pupils who intend to return to school:

On Tuesday 26th May, parents of children in those key year groups (including those who have been in since lockdown) will receive confirmation as to what days their child will be in school, the teacher who will be with that year group, entry and exit points and entry and exit times.


On Thursday 28th May, parents of children in those key year groups (including those who have been in since lockdown) will receive information regarding health and safety measures (including social distancing requirements for drop off and collection) and further details about the school day.


All other pupils will continue to be set home learning tasks by their class teachers.


In the meantime, the situation remains unchanged; schools are closed to pupils except those of key workers and/or pupils classed as vulnerable and home learning continues to be set by class teachers.




May I thank you for your continued support.  There is a lot of information to process and we recognise it may be unsettling for both those children coming into school and those who will still be at home.  Please be assured we continue to try and provide the safest possible environment for any child who comes into school.

Stay safe everyone.

We are a strong community and will continue to get through this difficult time, together.


Please find below a message from our clergy:

Matthew 28:20

Jesus said: 'remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.'


Heavenly Father,

We ask for your protection at this time

Please keep our families and friends safe

and help us to look out for one another

May we remember that you are always with us.

Fill us with faith, hope and love,

and bring us together again as one family.

We ask this in Jesus name. Amen