Update from the Headteacher regarding Home Learning.

St Alban’s CE Primary School

Monday 20th April 2020


Dear parents and carers

Firstly, and most importantly, may I send our heartfelt good wishes and prayers to you, your children and all your loved ones at this time, from myself, staff and Governors at the school.  It is a very strange feeling to not have school running as it normally does.  We are all adjusting to new ways of living and being, and this is not always easy.  Some of you may be caring for other relatives also.  Whatever your situation, we truly hope that you are all keeping well and safe.

Learning from home update

By now many of you will have established a routine within your home that incorporates elements of home learning.  We do understand that this will be incredibly difficult and that many of you are trying to still work full time whilst also having your children at home.  Please just do what you can, we really do appreciate everything you are already doing.  We fully understand that parents cannot be expected to become teachers and do not expect this.  Thank you for the positive feedback we have received since the school closed, we continue to do our very best in these circumstances.

We have taken the Government (DfE) and Unions’ (NEU and NAHT) advice with regards to home learning and have in place:

  • Curriculum maps for the Summer term on the school website – for parents to see what the activities and tasks relate to.  The teachers will keep the tasks in line with the maps as much as possible in order to ensure we are still covering the national curriculum.
  • Daily tasks for all lessons – teachers will either set these daily or weekly (for each day of the week).  There will be a daily English task, a daily maths task and other daily tasks according to the timetable for that class.  They will try to keep to their school timetable as much as possible with what they set.
  • Feedback to children – this can be done through PurpleMash. 
  • Parent Evening appointments – all teachers will be contacting parents in order to set up a ten minute phone conversation to discuss your child’s progress throughout the Spring term.  Times and dates for this will be according to when staff are in school (rota system).  You will be contacted within the next week via text with your appointment date and time.  Please do let school know if this needs to be changed, thank you.
  • Teachers will not be teaching lessons (live-streaming) from their homes.  This decision is based on safeguarding considerations (for both staff and pupils) and Union guidance (please see NEU guidance at the end of this letter).  It is incredibly disturbing to hear from the NAHT that teachers who have posted online content, has been abused by the public and so their advice is for teachers not to do so.  However, we will continue to review this moving forwards, in line with Government and Union guidance.  We are currently reviewing the new DfE resource “Oak National Academy”, that has been specifically created by the DfE in order to provide pupils with video lessons every day and online learning tasks.  We will update you with further information about how we will use this, in the next few weeks.
  • If you would like further activities or tasks, please do access https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize which has daily online lessons for primary children, as from Monday 20th April, that parents might find useful


Thank you for your continued support and please do keep safe and well.  We look forward to being with your children again soon.