Governing Board at St Alban’s

The Governing Board at St Alban’s C.E Primary re-constituted in September 2015 in line with statutory guidelines.

The Board meets six times a year for Full Governing Board Meetings and three times a year for Governor Visits and training.  Every meeting has a very clear focus, as identified by the calendar, to ensure the board is able to be strategic in its approach and challenge effectively. Each FGB meeting has a focus: Resources or Achievement and Curriculum.

Resources meetings address key issues related to finance, premises and personnel. All members of the Governing Board sit on these meetings to ensure strategic and consistent approaches to the schools finances.

Performance related pay is discussed during the first FGB meeting of the year with a resources focus.  

The Governing Board has a clear understanding of its roles and responsibilities. Members keep their knowledge up to date by attending training, reading the most up to date documents and know that they form part of the leadership of the school.

Anyone wishing to contact the Chair of Governors, please email



Governing Board Academic Year 2021-22