Assessment and Tracking

Assessment and Tracking


The objectives of assessment in our school are:

· To enable children to demonstrate what they know, understand and can do in their learning

· To help our children recognise the standards to aim for and to understand what they need to do next to improve their work

· To allow teachers to plan work that accurately reflects the need of each child

· To plan appropriate support and challenge for individuals and groups

· To provide regular information for parents that enables them to support their child’s learning

· To provide the school leadership team, including governors, with information that allows them to make judgements about the effectiveness of the school



On-going formative assessment (assessment for learning)

It is vital that children receive swift feedback on the quality of their work, the extent to which they have met the learning outcome and to know how they can improve and develop their learning further.

At St Alban’s we have a structured marking code that is shared with all pupils and used by all staff consistently. The core purpose of this is to enable pupils to make excellent progress in their learning.

Marking provides day to day formative assessments in all subjects.


In-school summative assessment (assessment of learning)

Reading, writing and maths are also assessed termly, with teacher judgements being informed through such evidence as test papers and pupil books (which are monitored regularly as part of the school’s monitoring cycle). Teachers use this wide range of information to make informed judgements on attainment and progress.

Units of work for other subjects (such as science, history or art) are assessed at the end of each individual unit against the key outcomes.


To see our marking code, please look under the policies section.




The school uses a system called Target Tracker in order to track pupil progress and attainment each term. Information from Target Tracker is used to inform pupil targets and also track key groups such as Disadvantaged pupils.

Target Tracker data is analysed at termly Pupil Progress Review meetings in order to inform future teaching and learning.