Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values are embedded in the three God given virtues of:


(1 Corinthians 13:13)



Our Faith in God leads us to have faith in the human beings He made.


So we are a community in which each and every person is valued and respected in his or her own right.


We are therefore an inclusive Church school, welcoming children from all faiths as well as those from no faith background.


Our daily Collective worship invites all our children to participate and allows space for personal reflection and personal prayer.


We celebrate all the Christian festivals and feast days as well as the key festivals of other world faiths represented in the school community.


We work in close partnership with our parish church of St. Alban’s the Martyr.


Our Hope in God leads us to have hope and confidence in the individual


We believe that every child can be successful and achieve during their time at our school and beyond.


We value experiential learning.


We promote purposeful talk.


We go on many visits linked to our topics to enhance our learning and experiences.


We challenge our children through our teaching, to have high aspirations for their lives and aim to inspire them to want to learn and to become responsible citizens.


God’s love for all shows us that every child matters to Him


And so we welcome all children.


We acknowledge and value the uniqueness of each person.


We make our curriculum accessible to all our children recognising that children learn in different ways and have different needs.


We seek to provide high quality pastoral care for all our children.


We ensure children have a voice and are listened to.


Children learn the skills at an early stage to be reflective about their own learning and the learning of others.




Our Vision


As a Church School, firmly rooted in the teachings, values and spiritual life of the Church of England, we aim for all children to be successful, independent learners and effective decision makers. We value the individual and are committed to inclusive education, equal opportunities and respect for all.


In partnership with governors, parents and the local community we strive to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes high achievement for all children, developing within the individual self-confidence, motivation, aspiration and the ability to work with others.


For our vision to be reality, we believe…….


All children and adults must feel safe, happy, supported and motivated to learn.


Learning must be exciting, fun and challenging for all involved in the process.


All children must be given the opportunity to reach a high standard of personal achievement, through the effective teaching and learning of key skills.


All children and adults must feel a sense of belonging and self-worth.


All children and adults must learn to be part of and contribute to the wider community.


We aim to achieve this vision in the following way……


By helping children:


to grow in their understanding of God, themselves and each other.


to be healthy and active learners


to be active listeners


to be good decision makers


to be risk takers


to be collaborative and reflective learners


to feel secure and safe


to be engaged in the learning process and have fun.



For teaching and non-teaching staff:


to value the uniqueness of the individual, within the context of a sympathetic understanding of the Christian Faith as received by the Church of England, and with a readiness to work within its ethos.


to be a positive role model for all children


to be confident and reflective practitioners who work collaboratively with all people within the school community


to provide challenging and stimulating learning opportunities that enable all children to reach a high standard of personal achievement.


For parents:


to support the school’s vision and aims


to send their child to school in good health, on time and every day


to enjoy learning with their child


to encourage and praise their child


to participate in parent’s consultation evenings


to participate in school functions and parent workshops.


For Governors:


to determine, and where necessary after consultation with educational professionals, the policies and procedures of the school.