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A selection of comments from 2017


"Thank you for choosing to come to WH Smith at Holborn Circus to use your World Book Day vouchers.  It is always a pleasure to see the pupils of St Alban's in our store. They really get into the spirit of the day with their costumes and are so well-behaved. They are a real credit to the school. We hope you enjoy reading your books and will see you all again soon.
Kind regards     Debbie Williamson    Book Supervisor"


"I have always felt appreciated, both by the child and the school. My impression has always been that the kids love being at the school. I rarely see them with anything but a smile on their faces and they are always polite.The pleasure I have had from the end of year plays is important too – the children always do such a fantastic job, well supported by the adults, of course! If there are any community awards around the area, I would love to be able to nominate the school for an award of some description."  
Reading Volunteer (for the past 9 years)


"It is one of the Best Schools in Camden. The teachers and all staff members are very professional and friendly. Mary the head teacher is an amazing leader with vision. The children are all very polite and well behaved and full of enthusiasm to learn. Our daughter travels from zone 5 to the school in zone 1 and just loves the school." parent Y2


"My daughter is treasuring every moment she goes to school"  parent


"It was the best decision I had ever made to date when I decided to have my daughter transferred to St.Alban's. It’s remarkable to see how the school’s “Golden Rules” are instilled within every children and their love and respect for their peers and teachers show through their daily activities. I also love how the school is both ‘old school’ in teaching and instilling the basic moralities within each student (faith, hope, love, respect,..) and also so modern in swiftly actioning new and upcoming positive ideas like “Growth mind-set” to motivate students to progress, “Bar modelling” methods to improve students’ perception in maths, etc. I also like and appreciate their openness in getting parents involved and keeping them regularly informed regarding the school’s plans and progress which definitely helps the parents’ peace of mind. They take parent’s views into account and try and accommodate them where applicable for the benefit of the students. All the teachers here have amazing talents and everyone contributes towards the growth of the students. There are systems in place where you can talk individually to the teachers if you have any concerns about your child. All of these are so very different from my daughter’s previous school experience. I am witnessing my shy and timid child gradually grow into a beautiful and more confident young girl …both inside and out. She is so proud to be a part of this school. I hope and pray the school continues to keep up with their amazing work in building the solid foundations of our future generations." J

(Parent  – Year 3)


"Our daughter has loved St Alban's from her very first day in reception.  Her teachers, who care about her, give her clear, achievable boundaries and excite her about learning every day.  There is such a supportive,collegiate atmosphere between all the children in her class.  This is because the school absolutely walks the talk about being inclusive. We also love the growth mindset ethos which has given her permission to learn from her mistakes, take risks and keep striving to improve.
We're delighted with her academic progress, and even more delighted with the social and emotional skills she has gained in her first three and a half years at the school. " Parent Y3

"It is very rare that you come to a school like this where they really care about the children's wellbeing so much" Parent Y2

"We were so impressed by the response when we talked about our daughter's special needs - it really felt that they would love to have her, and would fit around her needs" Parent Y1 


"My two children are attending St. Alban's and I am delighted to see how happy are they at this school.  I must say that the teachers go the extra mile, in their quality of delivering learning and the approach either to the kids and parents, always so supportive and making my children's experience so enjoyable" Parent YN and Y2


A selection of comments from children July 2015 


"The school is good and fun and when you are in Y6 they give you a boost for Y7!" Year 6 pupil 

"I enjoy PE!" Y5 pupil 

"We have the best teacher EVER!" Y5 pupil 

"I enjoy making new friends at my school" Y4 pupil 

"My teacher is really nice and helpful" Y3 pupil

"I love this school!" Y3 pupil

A selection of comments from annual reports to parents July 2015


"My son has come a long way since starting St Alban's in Y5 and we cannot thank you all enough for your time and patience.  Thank you for believing in our son and pushing him to get the most amazing results."


"Thank you for believing in my son and giving him a brilliant end to primary school and a fantastic start to secondary school"

A selection of comments from parent questionnaire July 2014

"I am so pleased with the quality of teaching and the proactive attitudes to children's learning. I love the diversity of the school community."

"I love the trips and assemblies. I am extremely happy with my children's progress."

"I have been so happy with my daughter's school experience at this school. We feel blessed that she is at such a fantastic school."

"Continue to keep up the good work -it's lovely to see and hear how happy our children are being at this school."

"It has a feel of a close community."

"I love the way the school makes every effort to involve parents."

"I am very happy with my son's progress since joining St Alban's. He is very happy here."

July 2014
"A big thank you, once again, to all the children for their wonderful show last night – not only the performers of course, but all those working on front of house and behind the scenes as well... It is always so uplifting to see their show and always nice to get a final chance to wish children luck at their new school. Went to listen to Level 42 afterwards in Rochester, but they couldn’t match the brilliance of your children and the production overall!"
Alan, Reading Volunteer

A selection of comments from Pupil Voice July 2013

What do you enjoy about our school?

  • The teachers are very helpful
  • The headteacher always listens to us
  • All the sports things we do
  • Golden Time
  • Going on exciting residentials to Cornwall, Wales and France
Talk to us about reading...
  • We have lots of new books in our school now
  • Our teacher has recommended good books and because of this I now like reading
  • My reading speed has increased
  • We love having our own reading budget in class to spend each term on the books we want
  • We have up to date authors and books in our classrooms
  • I never used to I can't stop!
Talk to us about being a church school
  • We have to show respect towards everyone
  • Our school is all about 'hope, faith and love'
  • We are taught to always think before we do something
  • In RE we have a spiritual connection with God
  • We are unique
  • There are clear boundaries and rules in our school
  • We learn about what it means to be close to God
  • We learn what it means to hear God
How do you know how to improve your work?
  • Giuliana has really helped me with my writing, she tells me what I need to do next. She shows me how to edit my work
  • We have next steps
  • We look for highlights in our books
  • Lindsey writes down what we have to do to improve – there are no secrets
  • The success criteria tells us what to do

" Thank you very much for all the hard work the school has put into making our girls feel comfortable in school. In our opinion St.Alban's is an excellent school." Gry Larsen and Thor Grunbaum July 2013

"This school has wonderful people in it that have supported me from the moment I stepped in this amazing school!" Year 6 pupil July 2013

"Lindsey is an amazing teacher and always manages to put a smile on everyone's faces. She cares for us like children of her own. She helped me in literacy by getting me to a level five and she helped me in my maths by getting me tutored. Overall, Lindsey is a brilliant teacher and I am really happy and grateful to have had a teacher like her." Year 6 pupil July 2013

"One of the most memorable moments for me was the time when I prayed with my friends. We were in Wales a year ago, while I was in Year 6. I went on residential with my year group and the class below (Year 5). The reason why praying with my friends is a moment I’ll never forget, is because I will most likely never experience that moment again as we are all going our different ways." Year 6 pupil July 2013

"My best day out has to be in Year 6 when we went to The Castle Climbing Wall near Finsbury Park. This is mainly because it was a chance to have fun outside of school and was going to be one of our last trips as a class." Year 6 pupil July 2013

"Best Day Out:
It wasn’t really a day out, but it was fun enough.. It was the trip to Wales. It was the most fun we’d had in ages. If I had the chance to go again I definitely would. When I was younger I never thought I would climb a mountain., but I guess I did! This was a time when I could always hang out with my friends, as well as do cool activities. My favourite thing in the whole of the trip was climbing the mountain. When my brother went on his residential , he said that he climbed a mountain which was seven miles high, I was gob smacked! I don't think that I could climb a mountain which is seven miles, however I could climb a mountain like the one in Wales. I don't think I could ever forget this memory." Year 6 pupil July 2013

"I love the way the school pushes the children according to their ability!"
Nursery parent July 2013

"The children visit different types of places - it encourages them to learn and discover new and important things for their age." Year 2 parent July 2013

"I love the fact that children have so much one to one teacher support!!"
Parent of year 1 and Nursery children July 2013

"I love the reminders and information received by text message! Year R parent

December 2012
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you from myself and the One New Change team for the fantastic choir performance yesterday. All of the children were a pleasure to work with, and I'm thrilled to say that they raised a staggering £457.25 for the Princes Trust Charity. A truly incredible amount, and the most that any choir has ever raised during our years hosting the School Choirs program at One New Change.
So please give all the children and teachers involved a HUGE thanks from us all." Bella, One New Change

Parent comments from a recent coffee afternoon - September 2012
Here are some of the comments the parents shared about their views of our school:
They learn!”
”There is a happy atmosphere!”

“Approachable & accessible teachers!”
”The kids love it! We love it!”
”We are amazed by the school, it is as good as private Scandinavian schools!”
”Kids are always happy to go to school.”
”There's parental involvement.”

"Your pupils were exceptionally well behaved and very well prepared so thank you!" Workshop leader, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Jan 2012

"It was an absolute pleasure for all of us. We found the children very articulate for 8 year olds! Well done!
...give a big, heartfelt thank you to your lovely students."
K Timmins Feb 2012
Education Department

Wild Futures Protecting Primates and Habitats Worldwide

"The school is great, good teaching. Staff deal with students in a friendly way and good administratio" Y1 parent

"I think that St Alban’s is a great school!" Parent Y6 and Y5

"Keep up the hard work. I wish you all the very best of luck. Thanks for all the efforts you put in our children." Y2 parent

"My son really loves the school and has made significant progress. " Y1 parent

I’m very pleased with the school they adapted it to suit my son’s needs. “ Y1 parent

“My daughter loves school and can’t stop raving about her teachers and friends! “ Y1 parent

“My daughter is in nursery and she loves it! Everyday is an exciting day for her.” YN parent

“My child likes school so much. Therefore I am happy.”