Sport Premium Funding

Sports Premium Funding


Sports Premium

In April 2013, the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport announced new funding of £150 million to support the delivery of PE and school sport. Funding has therefore been allocated to all state-maintained secondary, primary, middle and special schools (including non-maintained special schools), academies and pupil referral units with primary aged pupils from the period of 2013 onwards.


For the 2017-2018 Academic Year St. Alban’s has been allocated £17,660 which has been given in two installments: £10,302 in October 2017 and £7358 in April 2018.

For the 2016-2017 Academic Year St. Alban’s has been allocated £8835.00 which has been given in two instalments: £5153 in October 2016 and £3681in April 2017.

For the 2015-2016 Academic Year St. Alban’s has been allocated £8775.00 which has been given in two instalments: £5119 in October 2015 and £3656 in April 2016.

For the 2014-2015 Academic Year St. Alban’s has been allocated £8700.00 which is being given in two instalments: £5075.00 in October 2014 and £3625.00 in April 2015.

For the 2013-2014 Academic Year St Alban’s has been allocated £8290.00 which is being given in two instalments: £5361.00 in October 2013 and £2929.00 April 2014.


The sport premium grant is being used to improve the quality of PE and sport provision and raise standards across the school in the following way:

•Acquiring quality assured professional training for staff to raise teacher’s confidence and competence in teaching PE and sport through team teaching, professional development, team planning and coaching when and where it is needed.

•Hosting professional development days at St. Alban’s C.E. Primary school allowing teachers and students access the teaching and learning.

•Children in Year 3 to attend weekly swimming lessons for the whole year in order to ensure all children make at least good progress in swimming. (2013-2016)

•Competing in regular Camden Schools Sports Association (CSSA) sport tournaments and cluster competitions for pupils of all ages.

•Hiring professional sport coaches to teach the children different sports 5 mornings a week, aimed at children who are not normally in sporting clubs and competitions.

Hiring a professional sports coach to run a lunchtime games club to encourage more physical activity and structured games in KS1.

•Using IT equipment/IRIS for use in PE. This investment in the use of IT in lessons will aid teacher assessment, the progress of children during PE lessons and create a bank of PE skills and high quality lessons for teachers to use to support teaching and learning.

•Investment in sustainable playground development in both KS1 and KS2 to increase sport at playtimes and allow us to host more cluster tournaments with local schools and possibly the wider local community. (2014-current)

  • Developing PE leaders and playground friends to organise games and PE activities during morning play, break times and lunchtimes to increase physical activity and participation in competitive sport.

  • Running after school clubs, linked to CSSA competitions, to increase confidence and achievement.

  • Hosting cluster competitions with St. Josephs C.E. Primary School increase children’s participation in competitive sporting competitions.

  • Competing the inclusive sport tournaments hosted by Camden and Swiss Cottage.

  • Selecting eight children, who have shown dedication, progression, leadership and resilience in sport to climb Snowdon in Snowdonia each July.

For impact see documents below.


PE at St. Alban’s C.E Primary School

All children and young people should experience regular and varied high quality Physical Education (PE). At St Alban’s, we provide a varied and balanced programme of physical education which is enjoyable, vigorous and purposeful whilst promoting healthy lifestyle through behavioural change. We encourage a lifelong interest in physical activity and aim to instil a love of physical activity though the range of physical activities we provide such as gymnastics, dance, tennis, hockey, football, swimming, athletics, cricket, rounders, tag rugby, basketball, volleyball, netball, badminton and Ultimate Frisbee. To support our PE curriculum we also offer a variety of sport based clubs before and after school which includes boy’s football, girls' football, mixed football, mixed cricket and mixed basketball. We also run a lunchtime games club for KS1 to encourage increased opportunities for structured games.

We also host and participate in cluster competitions with local primary schools.

Our PE curriculum promotes understanding of children’s thinking, creativity, health, physical and social skills. We promote sportsmanship and a healthy sense of competition as well as leadership through our PE leaders who help lead warm ups, organise and set up equipment and support our cluster competitions.


Parent Participation

As a direct result of participation in most forms of physical education you and your child can experience many benefits, both physically and mentally, leading to lasting engagement in physical activity and the rewards they bring. Parents can do much to help their child gain the greatest benefit from physical education by taking an interest, offering encouragement, and if possible joining in. By taking an interest, offering encouragement and joining in where possible, families can help their children and siblings experience the greatest benefits of physical education.

Always be ready to encourage your child whenever they experience difficulty, try, try again and never give up! Always give praise for dedication, progression and effort, not just results. Where possible volunteer to accompany your child to their sport competitions to show your support, you might be surprised by how much you get involved!

Think of ways the whole family can get into physical activity, which is a great way to spend quality time together. Try brisk walks, kicking a ball in the park, swimming at the local pool or even tossing a Frisbee.