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Our School Charity

At St Alban's we teach the importance of giving, whether this is a smile, friendship, time or money to people less fortunate than ourselves.  


Over the years we have supported many different charities, including Water Aid, GOSH, War Child and 'Doctors Without Borders' (Medecins Sans Frontieres)


This year all classes will be raising money for 'A School in a Box' - a scheme run by UNICEF.  

Each 'school' costs £147 so we will keep track of how many schools we can buy this year.  


This Unicef school-in-a-box will help at least 40 children continue their education in times of emergency and conflict. Materials for an entire classroom are packed into a large portable aluminium case, including a solar/wind-up radio and even an inflatable globe for geography lessons. The inside lid of the box doubles as a blackboard when coated with the special paint included in the kit. This kit also contains resources for teachers and allows for double-shifts for classes so that more children can benefit. 

We can also buy a Nursery in a Box - to support early years education.  


Over the academic year we will plan various events to raise money for this wonderful charity. 


To find out more about A School in a Box and a Nursery in a Box - please click on the link below.