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Growth Mindset

In Spring 2016 we started talking to the children about the importance of having a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset means you do not give up when faced with a challenge, with the belief that intelligence can be grown.   

Based on the work of Prof Carol Dweck we have planned a series of assemblies and lessons gradually introducing the idea to the children.  


Week 1 - How the brain works

Week 2 - How good a challenge can be

Week 3 - Mistakes are good

Week 4 -The importance of feedback 

Week 5- I can't do it...YET!

Week 6-Putting in the effort - having grit


A large part of this project is for us as adults to think about the language we will use with the children. Instead of hearing us say, "Clever boy!" which can promote a fixed mindset (I'm clever so I don't need to try) you will hear us say some of the following:


  • When things are hard your brain is growing!
  • If at first you don’t succeed – that’s normal!
  • Good it is making you think – that is how you know your brain is growing!
  • If something is hard you am learning something new.
  • Never give up –use a different strategy.
  • Don’t say no – have a go!
  • Plan A didn’t work – now try Plan B!
  • Mistakes are proof you are trying.
  • That’s a great mistake!  You can learn from it…
  • Struggling makes you stronger.
  • You can’t do it – YET!


We have introduced two puppets to the children to help them understand the different behaviours of a fixed and growth mindset. 

Picture 1 Meet Glee - he has a growth mindset
Picture 2 Meet Fizz - she has a fixed mindset

Michael Jordan "Failure" Nike Commercial

Michael Jordan "Failure" Nike Commercial

Famous Failures ((( Get The Inspiring Book On Famous Failures))) Inspiring video on persevering no matter how many times you have failed in life. This video mentions well known people who had failed, but kept pressing on until they became successful.