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Before and End of the Day Procedures

Breakfast club:

7.45am - 8.00am:  Reception and K.S 1 children and their parents are asked to wait in the school library.  K.S 2 children are allowed to wait on their own.  Please note that this 15 minutes is not supervised.  At 8.00am the member of staff will collect the children from the library and take them to the den where they will eat breakfast and be supervised until the start of the school day.  Children will be taken to the playgrounds at 8.45am. 

Start of the school day:

8.45am:   Playgrounds open

EYFS and K.S 1 will now meet on the K.S 1 playground.  They are to be supervised by their parent or carer until the bell goes at three minutes to nine.  A teaching assistant will be on duty to ensure a smooth running of the playground.  The school does not take responsibility until three minutes to nine.

K.S 2 children
are to meet on the K.S 2 playground.  They are allowed to be on the playground without a parent or carer.  A teaching assistant will be on duty to ensure the smooth running of the playground.  The school takes full responsibility for children in K.S 2 who are present without a parent or carer.


We ask that when the bell goes, parents wave good bye to their child and create a safe space for the children to walk into their classrooms.  Please stand out of the way and ensure all buggies are out of the path the children will take. Please do not follow your child into their classroom.


What to do on a rainy morning:

All children are to wait in the school hall.  When the bell goes, please can you leave the building or wait around the outside of the hall to ensure that when the lines of children start moving, children can move to their classes safely.  Please DO NOT wait in the foyer area.


The doors to the Nursey will be open from 9.00am onwards.  Parents are welcome to come into the nursery with their child and stay with them until 9.10am.  Parents are to leave at 9.10am in order for the daily routine of Nursery to continue.


A member of the senior leadership team will be present from 8.45 – 9.00am in the playground.  If you have a message that you wish the class teacher to know, please tell the senior leader on duty and they will pass it on.  If you wish for a longer conversation with your child’s class teacher or a member of the senior leadership team or Mary, please fill in an appointment card that can be found on the table in the foyer and hand into the office. The office staff will then liaise with the staff member and make you an appointment.


End of the school day:

Please can parents make sure they have left the school premises by 3.40pm at the end of the day as we still have children on site until 5.30pm.


Children may walk home on their own if they are in Y5 or Y6.  They may also take their younger siblings home with them.  However children in reception must be picked up by an adult. 

Parents must sign a form giving permission for a child to walk home alone.  A copy of this form is found below in our walking home policy.