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Adventure Service Challenge

Adventure Service Challenge

Children joined The Adventure Service Challenge in Year 5 and signed up for two years to complete both junior stages of the challenge.  They are now in their second year of the project. 


For stage 1: We have cooked for 6 weeks for local people at St. Ursula's, learned what to do in emergencies, visited the Soho Fire Station and had a meeting with firefighters. We researched local wildlife and visited Camley Street Nature Park and we made our own Tie Dye t-shirts as our craft.


Stage two requires 8 hours of service, and so far we have done three hours running the shoebox appeal. One hour will be done supporting the international food hall for our school charity and the last 4 hours will be done by the children reading to younger children from 1:05-1:35 who need reading support.  We are also working on the British Red Cross first aid online course for young children and we are hoping to have someone from the Red Cross come in and teach us first aid.

Stage 1

  • Emergencies
  • Health
  • Cooking
  • Service
  • Shield
  • Local People
  • The Living World
  • Crafts

Stage 2

  • Safety First
  • First Aid
  • Collection
  • Observation
  • Service
  • Shield
  • Model Making
  • Our Country

For further information about The Adventure Service Challenge use the link below.